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media monarchy episode200

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media monarchy episode200

Published January 7, 2011

media monarchy episode200"the thought police would get him just the same" on the long-awaited 200th episode of media monarchy featuring mass animal die-off's & the murder of john wheeler - newspurge warnings w/ all the latest alternative media & open source intelligence + an in-studio interview w/ an old friend of media monarchy, collateral canary music from muse & the police and tons more...

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media monarchy on the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority, zero point radio & revere radio every friday at 10am pacific time...

and a huge thanks to free radio olympia, berkeley liberation radio, ground zero radio, one sky radio & others for rebroadcasting the show...

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Run time 2:00:39


media monarchy: episode200 - january 7, 2011 | | | | | | | | | | | |

the police 'canary in a coal mine' (audio)
is mass fish & bird die-off connected to govt testing?
black birds fall from sky, fish die off: what's a conspiracy theorist to think?
john p. wheeler, cfr/mitre insider, found dead in a delaware landfill
video: haarp, mass bird deaths & top US bush official is dead (audio w/ zer0 0ne)
the mystery of dead birds, fish & other weird events
audio/video: interview w/ siva tuva on mass die-off's & bad omens
the 10 leading theories for dead birds & fish
mass bird & fish die-offs go global, spark end times panic & speculation
mass bird & fish deaths becoming worldwide phenomenon
mass bird, fish deaths occur regularly
map of mass animal deaths
why are the animals dying? birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths
end of days?: 100,000 fish die suddenly in arkansas after 5,000 dead birds found
officials stumped as 1,000 dead birds fall from arkansas sky
massive fish kill & 1000s of birds fall from the sky in arkansas
video: massive fish & bird kill in ark.
2 million fish found dead in maryland
mde: fish kill caused by cold stress
new madrid fault may produce massive earthquake soon
italy: thousands of doves dying
swedish birds 'scared to death': veterinarian
100s of dead snapper washed up on new zealand beach
victoria river mysteriously turns bright green
video: israelis deny vulture captured by saudis is a spy (audio w/ public enemy)
wheeler murdered after weapons test caused mass death?
body of murdered cyberwar expert found in landfill
wheeler's final days, asking friends for car rides, missing briefcase, crying, holding his shoe...
video: john wheeler seen on surveillance footage
wheeler seen alive hours before his death
what was mr. wheeler doing in wilmington? dead birds and fish in arkansas &
earth's magnetic fields cause of bird & fish die off
1/6 newspurge: canary in a coalmine
9/11 updates:
11 reasons why the threat from al-qaeda is not real
nfl's mark stepnoski to match 'building what?' donations
audio: susan lindauer, ex-cia asset & imprisoned 9/11 whistleblower
all the health news for 2011, pre-written for your convenience
2010 in review: what happened with health freedom
research linking autism, vaccines slammed as 'elaborate fraud'
holy hexes:
video: catholics christmas communion came with hepatitis a (audio w/ mogwai)
killer psalm? bible verse deemed as threat on obama's life
romanian witches use spells to protest new taxes
ihop restaurant chain drops suit against ihop church
video: homeless ted williams' turnaraound: how faith helped uncover a 'golden voice'
music industry on life support: what boomed in 2010? vinyl
fmr covert cia agent charged with leaking secrets to newspaper
pete postlethwaite, british actor in 'usual suspects', dies at 64
per oscarsson, swedish millennium trilogy star, feared dead after house fire
video: investigation into death of notorious b.i.g. heats up
first school shooting of 2011: omaha vice-principal killed by son of police detective
1 man dead after officer-involved shooting in se portland
man attacked by kids at l'enfant metro in dc: bystanders watch, film it
ex says: woman who died at busch home had heart issue
obamessiah updates:
anti-obama heckler disrupts reading of US constitution
press sec. robert gibbs to leave obama white house
obama picks william daley as chief of staff
obama appoints ultimate wall street insiders to top posts ... again
police state int'l:
will it be a happy new year for nwo resistance?
'integrated platforms' (mobile prison guard towers) coming to wal-mart
napolitano gets air security tips in israel
guerrero, mexico starts new year with 10 murders including diplomat
miami-dade police buy drones
utah's $1.5b cybersecurity center groundbreaking under way; to be completed oct 2013
20 government tips for surviving a nuclear attack
brooklyn bus depot terror scare over mysterious filming of gas tanks
capitol hill evacuated due to unauthorized aircraft
coffee spill diverts united airlines flight, transport canada says
florida professor arrested for having a 'suspicious' bagel on a plane
breaking: packages explode in 2 maryland state buildings
over 10,000 died in afghan violence in 2010
US sending 1,400 more marines to afghanistan
with air force's new drone, 'we can see everything'
too big to fail lockheed martin's "got their fingers everywhere" says author
US officials: white house picks special-ops chief
glenn close: use of my image in navy video 'insulting'
geopolitiks: united states of eurasia (+collateral damage)
covert war in iran: assassinations, cyberattacks & sabotage
biblical prophecy or political geology?: israel discovers another 16 trillion cubic ft of natural gas
medvedev cancels trip to israel, plans to visit palestinian areas
on message: big sister napolitano in israel
china preparing for armed conflict 'in every direction'
pakistan shocked by assassination of governor
video: belated happy new year from russia's sexiest spy
american cities that are running out of people
related econocrash updates:
100 shocking predictions for 2011
US debt limit fight would be 'catastrophic': white house
sec censors document on how it censors documents
americans watched more television than ever in 2010
as america falls down, 'tv viewing continues to edge up'
goldman invests in facebook at $50b valuation
why are taxpayers subsidizing facebook & the next bubble?
wikileaks: a big dangerous US government con job
1/6 defcon: bad calls & fake claims
warrantless cell phone search gets green light in california
voip decision means skype now illegal
first solar eclipse of the year jan4
quadrantid meteor shower due jan4 night
reporter behind wmd claims calls assange 'bad journalist'
fake white house holiday email is cyber attack
battle of los angeles
transient lunar phenomena
when computers keep watch: computers that see you & keep watch over you
1/6 binge & purge: food banks, no-bids & drinkify-ing
millions in US heading to foodbanks for first time
usda certified organic's dirty little secret: neotame, from the makers of aspartame
food supply company, employing fmr head of defense contracting agency, wins $4b no-bid contract
pepsi puts an end to chewing by 'drinkifying' food
another reason fast food makes you fat & sick: fluoride in fast food wrappers
almost 60% of new zealanders maintain vegetable gardens
pennsylvania allows gas fracking waste to be dumped in local waterways
animal farms get bigger & bigger
leaked document: epa knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide
ground zero: dreaming of indrid cold & the mothman addendum
muse 'united states of eurasia + collateral damage' (audio)
interview w/ zach bosart on media monarchy at 200

(all bed music by doves & twilight circus dub sound system unless otherwise noted)


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